Insurance Analyst

Ted Ginsberg

Ted Ginsberg, a native Texan, earned his Finance degree from Texas A&M and paid for it in the trenches of the Aggie defensive line. He learned to fight through adversity. It was perfect training for a lifetime. Ted entered the financial world as an agent in 1974 with Statewide Insurance Agency, the family business. He committed himself in immersion insurance courses to gain expert insight in: Property and Casualty, Health, Life Insurance, Surety, Disability, and Prepaid Legal. In 1992 Ted wanted to share his knowledge with other agents, and moved from Tyler to Houston as Regional Manager for Time Insurance. He worked to prepare his agents for complex Health and Life Insurance situations. By 1995 his scope grew to include Variable Products, Retirement Plans, Investment Products, and 401k Planning. Through meetings with clients, insurance agents, CPAs, and attorneys, Ted’s experience led towards solutions in Business Structure, Estate Planning, and Executive Benefits. In 2008 Ted retired from Woodbury as Regional Vice President to work more directly with the business owner. He uses his extensive years of unique experience to grant his clients the reassurance and guidance they deserve. Together, we make informed decisions to seek the most favorable annual results possible. Ted aims to bring top-notch planning to the Business Owner, by looking at the entire financial picture.


Licensing and Designations:

  • Chartered Life Underwriter… Life Insurance and Estate Planning
  • Certified Insurance Counselor… Personal and Commercial Insurance review
  • Retirement plans… IRA, 401k, SEP, SIMPLE, Profit Sharing, and Defined Benefit
  • Risk Manager License… Analyze risk and transfer appropriately for business entity
  • Property and Casualty License… Automotive, Property and Liability, Surety Bonding, Fire, and Workers Comp
  • Life and Health Insurance License… Group Medical, Disability, Buy/Sell, Key Person, and Deferred Comp
  • Investments… Series 6, 7, 63, & 65


Make your money more efficient, increase profit and manage risk.

“Business owners have many difficult challenges to meet every day: sales, marketing, management, cost cutting, and payroll. Successful owners must find a way to focus their time and energy towards increasing profit. These business operations make you money, dealing with support professionals costs you time. Over my 40 years in the insurance and investment business I have worked with the insurance companies, attorneys, and CPAs for the benefit of the client. All of these support professions help the business owner ensure the legality and continuation of business operations. Our job is to align their efforts and your goals to set up your business in the most efficient way. My seasoned experience dealing with efficient business structures, creative retirement planning, and risk management will be used to advocate on your behalf. In addition, my expertise extends to CPAs and attorneys to help them provide you the right tax and legal counsel to navigate you through our current tax system. By coordinating all of your support professionals with your vision, we strive to make your money more efficient, increase profit and manage risk.”